Nature Play: getting kids outdoors

Outdoor and nature play is proven to significantly improve all aspects of a child’s development, building resilience, self-confidence and creativity.

Playing in nature improves physical and mental development. Exploring their natural environment can make children feel more capable and confident, building self-confidence and self-esteem. This kind of interactive and investigative play can also improve concentration, classroom behaviour, enthusiasm and your child’s ability to learn.

Being outdoors and having the time to explore and engage with nature can also curb depression, stress and anxiety, and support positive mental wellbeing. Engaging in outdoor experiences helps proper development of immune systems, among other health benefits.

Nature Play QLD is an initiative of the Queensland Government to see unstructured outdoor play become a normal part of all Queensland children’s lives.

Passport to an amazing childhood

Order a free nature play passport for your child to record their outdoor adventures. Visit ‘mission control’ online at Nature Play’s Passport to an Amazing Childhood Program to access hundreds of nature-based outdoor activities to help get your kids outdoors.

99 things to do before you’re 3

For the young adventurers out there, why not start ticking off the 99 Things to Do Before You’re 3. This is a great list of activities for babies and toddlers based on developmental milestones.

Check out all the free resources, programs and activities, as well as ideas on how you can support your child’s play, to inspire outdoor play and a love of nature at


Image Children compare their nature passports while playing in an outdoor bush cubby house Nature play

Published — 31 August 2016 Last updated — 04 November 2016