How often do we listen to our children?

Listening to children can provide parents, educators and carers with invaluable insight into how they like to learn and the best ways we can educate them.

In partnership with the Griffith Institute for Educational Research, the department’s Metropolitan region has developed the Listen! 200 Children’s Voices video series. The research team spoke with 200 children in kindy, Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 and asked them what, where, how and why they like to learn.

They found children have many varied and insightful opinions about their learning experiences and were eager to talk about these.

The study encourages families, educators and the community to actively listen to children to create stronger relationships, improved transitions and better learning experiences.

You can find out what the children have to say by watching the videos Listen! 200 Children’s Voices.

Published — 07 December 2017 Last updated — 12 December 2017