KindyLinQ – frequently asked questions

What is KindyLinQ?

KindyLinQ is a play-based program that families can attend in the year before their child is eligible to start kindergarten. It provides a safe, welcoming space for families to participate in fun early learning experiences with their three-year-old children.

What are the benefits of KindyLinQ for families?

KindyLinQ enables young children to play, explore, sing, create and socialise with their parents, other children and experienced staff in a safe space.

The program also offers guidance for families about how to support their child’s learning and development at home.

Can parents and carers attend KindyLinQ sessions?

Parents/carers must attend KindyLinQ sessions with their children. Parents/carers play the most significant role in establishing the environment children need to support optimal development and learning. The activities and learning provided through KindyLinQ can be continued in the home.

Who runs the sessions?

The KindyLinQ sessions are led by a qualified teacher and early years support coordinator.

What will my child learn in a KindyLinQ session?

KindyLinQ is based on a facilitated playgroup model. It is about children learning through hands-on experiences with the support and guidance of caring adults. Children will learn skills that will support them now and in later learning, including socialising, managing their emotions and developing language skills to ensure they can effectively communicate their ideas and needs.

KindyLinQ programs are informed by the Early Years Learning Framework but are connected to the broader curriculum expectations for school-age children.

What does KindyLinQ cost?

KindyLinQ is a free service for families living in the 25 identified state school areas.

How long does each session go for?

The program will be available for a minimum of 6 hours a week across 2 or 3 days.

Is it compulsory for my three-year-old to attend?

No. Registration and participation in KindyLinQ is voluntary.

Where can I find a KindyLinQ?

KindyLinQ is delivered in 25 state schools with available space to host a play-based program. View the full list of schools offering KindyLinQ on The Early Years Count website.

Why are KindyLinQ sessions run on state schools?

State schools have been building stronger connections with local early childhood services to support each child’s successful transitions from home to kindy and to school, and promote continuity of learning across these settings. These partnerships are an important part of KindyLinQ, with opportunities to share practice and connect families with local early childhood services.

How were the 25 pilot schools selected?

One of the intents of KindyLinQ is to connect families with approved kindergarten program providers and encourage them to enrol in kindy for the following year. For 2020 the pilot program is being offered in communities where kindy participation is below the state average and can be a springboard for families to enrol in an approved and funded kindergarten program.

Is KindyLinQ available now?

KindyLinQ will be available from the beginning of Term 1, 2020.

Published — 12 November 2019 Last updated — 12 November 2019

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