Kindy is a good start in life

Aunty Carol Mitchell is an Elder in Cunnamulla with a long career as a nurse at the Cunnamulla Hospital.

Aunty Carol said she had 13 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren and was a strong believer in early education and kindy.

‘I believe attending kindy is very important,’ she said.

‘It’s a good start in life.

‘It’s good for their little brains, they pick up all this stuff, they interact with the other kids, they get their own opinions.

‘They’re starting from the bottom and working up and by the time they get into Year 1, they’re experts.

‘So I believe in education big time.’

She said kindy is a great place for children to learn communication skills that will stick with them for life.

‘I believe all the littles ones should go to kindy and learn and interact with the other kids,’ Aunty Carol said.

‘My great-grandson can have a good conversation with you and he doesn’t miss a word.

‘My son is around him all the time, always talking and interacting, wanting to know this and that.

‘If they’ve got strong parents behind them, they’ll go all the way.

‘As they get older, they’ll be able to communicate more with other kids.

‘And it goes all the way up from kindy to high school.’

Find a kindy in your local area and yarn with the staff about all the benefits it can have for your child.

Published — 24 June 2019 Last updated — 06 February 2020

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