Identifying as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

When you enrol your child in an approved kindy program, you will respectfully be asked if your child is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

Why am I asked this question?

Your kindy will ask this question to make sure you receive the right assistance with your kindy fees. There is a subsidy called the QKFS Plus Kindy Support subsidy which assists eligible families to access free or low-cost kindy.

This data also helps kindies and government better support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to participate and engage in kindy.

What will I be asked?

You may need to tick a box on the enrolment form or a staff member at the kindy may ask you in person. An example of the question is:

Is the child Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander?

  •  No
  •  Yes, Aboriginal
  •  Yes, Torres Strait Islander
  •  Yes, both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

What if I answer yes?

When the kindy staff know your child is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, they will:

  • apply the QKFS Plus subsidy to your kindy fees to lower the cost of kindy for your child
  • consider any cultural needs your child might have (you can speak with the kindy teacher about your child’s learning and development at any time)
  • include appropriate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives into the kindy program.

You are not required to provide verification of this.

Do I have to answer?

It is up to you whether you answer the question or not. You do not have to answer and this will not affect your child’s access to kindy. However, if you don’t give this information, your child may not receive the additional subsidy.

You can still identify your child as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander on the enrolment form without accepting the additional subsidy. Talk to your kindy about this.

Find out more about how to enrol your child in kindy.

Published — 15 October 2019 Last updated — 15 October 2019

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