Bub and family from 4 to 12 months old

From 4 to 12 months old, bub’s sense of belonging to mob grows stronger as bub begins to recognise family members and the special relationship they share.

With this new understanding may come separation anxiety. Bub may start wanting to be with loved ones and feel scared of strangers.

Parents/carers will also be responding to bub’s changing sleep rhythms, and separation anxiety may mean bub finds it hard to settle and sleep when parents/carers are not close by.

As bub grows in leaps and bounds, parents/carers will be facing some more big changes.

With bub moving around, the pace of life has sped up.

At this time, bub may be:

  • changing sleeping and waking times
  • feeling anxious if separated from parents and carers
  • having teething troubles
  • starting solid foods.

Parents and carers may be:

  • responding to baby’s rhythms and routines
  • introducing solid foods
  • learning about healthy food for the child
  • having good nutrition, including bush tucker
  • making the home environment safe for bub being on the move
  • returning to work
  • taking bub to get immunised at 4, 6 and 12 months old
  • learning about reassuring bub when separating from them.

At this age, you may be searching for extra early childhood education or care for bub. At your local Early Years Place your child can have fun learning through play.

Published — 22 March 2019 Last updated — 22 March 2019

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