Talking to your child about school

A school day is full of exciting and interesting things for your child, and talking about it with them can help show your interest and give you an insight into their new world.

School-aged children are developing social worlds and learning about their identity. Talking to you about what they are experiencing can help them take pride in their learning and in themselves.

Asking your child who they sit with or how their classroom looks can be a way to start the conversation. You can also talk about who their friends are, what activities they enjoy doing and what they did at lunch break.

Regularly talking about school also lets your child know that you are there to talk to if anything is worrying or bothering them. Talking about feelings can also help them develop and understand their own emotions.

You can also talk to your child’s teacher when you collect them or by arranging a meeting.

Image Students smile and laugh as they jump into the air together

Published — 17 September 2016 Last updated — 04 November 2016