Supporting healthy self-esteem

Children need to know they are loved and belong to a family and community that values them.

Having a healthy self-esteem is about liking who you are, and gives your child confidence when trying new things and learning. You can support your child’s self-esteem by spending quality time together; talking, listening and providing encouragement.

To build your child’s self-esteem, show them they are loved and valued, and help them to like who they are. It’s important that while your child feels important, they also realise that other people are important and valued too.

Valuing your child’s opinion

Giving your child a voice shows that you value their opinion.

  • You might ask your child to choose which shirt they wear, which book to read or to choose the game they would like to play.
  • Encouraging your child to be in charge of parts of their routine (such as tying their shoes or packing away their toys) can help them feel confident, independent and worthwhile.
Belonging to a community

Children build their sense of belonging in a community through their family, and then as they join an early childhood service, kindy, school or sporting team. By joining in with others, your child is learning social skills like teamwork, patience and empathy.

Image Condifent and happy child plays with outdoor equipment

Published — 01 September 2016 Last updated — 04 November 2016