Making friends

Good friends are important. They help your child to feel a sense of belonging and develop social skills.

Children enjoy having friends and playing with others. You can support your child in making friends by discussing ideas on how to talk to other children, how to find shared interests or how to ask other children if they want to play.

Friendships allow children to develop important social skills, learn new lessons and develop a sense of self. As they play with other children, they will be learning how to get along, share, communicate and resolve conflicts.

Getting to know the names of your child’s friends helps you understand who they are talking about and spending time with.

Sometimes children can feel left out by other children. You can talk to your child about how this feels and encourage them to include other children and think about their feelings.

If you are concerned about bullying, you can talk to your child about how to avoid bullies or speak to your child’s teacher together.

Image Children playing together outdoors

Published — 17 October 2016 Last updated — 29 November 2016