Make a chatterbox for starting school

There are many ways as a parent you can help your child transition to school. Starting school routines ahead of time and talking about what to expect can minimise the amount of change they will experience at one time.

For a fun way to start thinking about school, you can use this chatterbox to decide which activities to try first. It might be practising taking on and off their shoes, drawing a map from home to school or talking about how to make friends with other kids starting school. Talking about what to expect can help your child feel more comfortable transitioning to school.

If you have older siblings, encourage them to get involved in helping your child prepare with each activity too!

Have fun preparing for school, download the chatterbox here (available in 21 different languages).

Image colourful chatterbox graphic

Published — 31 August 2016 Last updated — 21 November 2017