Taking a moment to listen to your child teaches them listening skills and boosts self-esteem.

School-aged children will be talking a lot of the time. They will talk to themselves, their friends, grandparents, and a lot of the time, they will want to talk to you.

It’s important to teach your child listening skills by setting an example. You might have to explain to your child that sometimes they may need to wait before you can give them attention. Learning to be a good listener supports your child’s language development and social skills.

When you do have time, pause for a moment to listen and ask them interesting questions.

This will:

  • help them build connections and think deeply
  • boost self-esteem
  • support their love of learning.

Giving your attention is a reward for your child, so make sure you give it when they are behaving and engaging with you.

Image Parent and child sit closely to talk and listen as they complete a puzzle together

Published — 21 September 2016 Last updated — 02 November 2016