Learning maths at mealtime

Cooking or preparing food is a great opportunity to introduce mathematical concepts to your child.

Kids can be in charge of counting out or measuring ingredients to practice numbers and learn about different levels.

Words for learning maths

Discuss what is full, half full, empty, heavy and light or the different shapes (thick, thin, long and short). Talk about how many people are eating the meal, and how much you will need to make.

You can even invite your child to sort the food into fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy as you go. Talk to your child about the different shapes, colours and sizes of the items.

After the meal, your child can continue learning as you wash and put away the dishes, sorting them into plates, bowls and cups or by colour and shape.

Healthy habits: While your child is interested in helping, you can encourage healthy hygiene habits, such as hand washing. This is also a great time to talk to your child about healthy eating and discuss where food comes from.

Image Children sort plates and can count food, learning maths at mealtimes

Published — 12 September 2016 Last updated — 04 November 2016