The importance of early relationships

Parents and caregivers provide what no book, app or TV show can. Early relationships provide key cognitive stimulation to support early brain development.

Providing personalised, responsive and interactive experiences with your child from day one supports early brain development through stimulating learning and memory circuits.

Early development is shaped by both genetic coding and experiences. Different experiences provide the opportunity for certain genes to be switched on or off in early years. Providing a safe and nurturing environment and reacting to your baby’s babble, mimicking sounds and actions, as well as providing eye contact and gentle physical contact are all reciprocal interactions that support early brain development.

It is important for babies and young children to have rich and supportive relationships with parents and family members in their early years, extending to community members as they get older. Every relationship your child has will help shape their early development; from supporting brain and physical development, to helping shape an understanding of their world.mother interacting with baby


Published — 09 February 2017 Last updated — 09 February 2017