Helping your child have a positive start to school

You can help by sharing your child’s kindy transition statement with their new Prep teacher and school to help them to get to know your child and plan for their successful start to school.

At the end of the kindergarten year, your child’s kindy teacher will share their transition statement with you. This transition statement describes your child’s progress in the kindy year as well as their strengths and interests. The teacher will ask you and your child to contribute your thoughts and suggestions about what would support your child to have a positive transition to school.

When you receive the transition statement, the kindy teacher will also offer you the chance to sign a transition statement consent form. By signing the form you are allowing the kindy teacher to send the transition statement to the school where your child is enrolled, on your behalf.

The form also enables you to consent to the kindy and Prep teacher contacting each other to talk about how best to support your child’s transition to school.

To find out more about transition statements, or to view a copy of the consent form, visit the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority website.

Transition from kindy to prep

Published — 05 December 2017 Last updated — 05 December 2017