Five reasons you should sing along

Singing is a fun and creative way to learn and practice new words, sounds and movement.

Getting your vocal chords fired up creates an opportunity for you and your child to practice new words and sounds, and even get moving with some dance moves. Singing along with your child helps them learn the words and boost their self-esteem.

Five reasons you should sing along:
  1. Playing with sounds helps literacy development.
  2. Singing helps children learn and remember new words.
  3. Having you get involved will boost your child’s confidence.
  4. Singing and dancing is a fun way to encourage play.
  5. Dancing gets kids physical.
Knowing what to sing

Children enjoy hearing you sing songs and nursery rhymes; and they love to get involved. The best songs for engaging young children are short, with lots of repetition and rhyming. These songs and rhymes are fun and interesting and allow children to play with sound.

It may take a few times, but repeating your child’s favourite songs helps them pick up the words.

Singing traditional songs or lullabies and nursery rhymes from your own childhood is a great way to share stories and family history with your child. The more your child hears these songs and rhymes, the more chance they have to learn them and join in.

Image Child and adult smiling and laughing as they sing together

Published — 10 October 2016 Last updated — 02 November 2016