Family relationships

Having a stable and supportive home life with strong family relationships helps your child deal with other changes and new experiences in their life.

Your relationship with your child plays an important role in their development during their school years.

It’s important to make quality time to talk and listen to your child. This might include helping them with homework or supporting out-of-school activities (like swimming lessons or music classes) or simply making time to play with your child.

Strong family relationships will make your child feel a sense of belonging and can support them through other tricky situations, like problems with friends, fears or new experiences.

Your child is developing a sense of their own identity and will enjoy making decisions (like choosing a snack or how they have their hair for school). By making time and offering the opportunity for them to choose, you can help build their self-esteem and feeling of self-worth.

Developing strong bonds with your child will make it easier for them to come to you with any problems they are having or can help you identify issues early on. It also allows you to get to know your child’s interests, experiences and opinions.

If you are experiencing complex or challenging family circumstances, the department’s Integrated Early Years services may be able to assist.

Image A happy and confident child plays in the backyard

Published — 17 September 2016 Last updated — 04 November 2016