Accessing support

Families of a child with a disability or developmental delay can access support for their child to develop skills and transition into structured education and care.

All children benefit from participating in their community and having opportunities, choices and new experiences.

By engaging your child in activities and opportunities in the community and providing learning opportunities at home, you are supporting your child’s learning, independence and ability to adapt to new environments.

You can access support for:

  • information and planning
  • advice on your child’s developmental needs
  • multidisciplinary therapy to support your child’s development (and help them reach developmental milestones)
  • referrals to other specialists and mainstream services
  • support with transitioning to kindy or school
  • linking with support groups and services.

Find out more about Australian Government and Queensland Government support services to assist successful transitions to child care, kindy and school here.
Image Educators provide extra support, engaging with a child at an early yeras service

Published — 10 October 2016 Last updated — 08 December 2016